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hmhmhm lovely

Top quality fap material, very good.


Doesn't load, at all. Doesn't even get started loading, according to the progress bar. I checked your other two games, and they appear to be the same way. Tried using a different browser on a different computer to fix it, no effect.

Sorry you are having issues! Which browsers have you tried (if you could also let me know their version it’d be very nice)?

Also, could you try Chrome (if you haven’t already)?

Have tried Firefox (78.0.2) and Pale Moon (I forget the version, but I think it was the latest one?).
I try to avoid using anything Google-related if I can avoid it.


Needs more instructions. It has a few bugs too.


It seems like you have to know the right options or otherwise it's an eventual game over. Which is pretty poor in both cases. There should either be a way to recover or an immediate game over.

May I know which bugs you are talking about?


Mainly graphical. The options appear as follows:

Clothes: To, otto, ra, der ear

Order: ro e, ellat o, e

BTW, I think something like "Forget it" would be better than "Okay then".